Saturday, May 11, 2013

Do you have Meniere's Disease?

I am one of the lucky I am Meniere's free but I was in my own battle for 10 years before that happened.  It has been over 4 years for me, but my life continues to change as I learn to live partially deaf.  

This is a disease that takes your life away, in little one-day-at-a-time chunks.  I lost many days to Meniere's before I finally lost the hearing in my left ear.  Now I am learning what living in monotone means and trust me, that is a challenge.  I consider myself lucky because I no longer have to endure the vertigo episodes, but I certainly had my share. 

In looking at books about Meniere's, I discovered that few had been written by people that have actually experienced the disease.  I decided to write my own in the hopes that my story, and what I learned along the way, might inspire and help others with Meniere's and/or their caregivers.  

If you are on that journey, or are touched by Meniere's in another capacity, I would love to hear from you.  I'm not an authority but I know what I went through and just maybe we can help each other.....